Lazy Sunday morning, I decided I needed a little inspiration to get up and look pleasant for the day so I pull out my laptop and I find the weekly email from GQ. Now, what better way to start the day than to look at some of the best-dressed men in the world? I see the newest article exhibiting the latest and greatest street style — you had me at street style — from London Fashion Week ’15. Perusing along the site, I land on a post that features Leandra Medine, probably better known as the fashion blogger, Man Repeller. It goes on with her giving her wit through 10 gents strutting their polish — or lack of. The last slide poses a young man, where she uses the term ‘normcore.’ As someone who likes to think that I am on top of my menswear fashion, I was curious as to what this meant. The young one was wearing an outfit that looked of basic casual stylings; the beanie, the hoodie, sweats, with a tailored coat, in classic monochromatic form. He pulled off the look with ease but why coin it ‘normcore’? So I looked it up.

According to Vogue UK, the style came out of the idea that everyone is becoming tired of looking different to stand out. Instead, the need to dress effortlessly without needing to tell an audience is the trend. It’s “high-end pedestrian dressing.”

Seeing the images that accompanied the article, I was impressed. It was always the chic-ease fashion that you see documented during fashion week that was usually worn by those behind the scenes. More often it was worn by those walking the cobblestone and pavement.

I hope this ‘new trend’ isn’t taken out of context because then it would just be trying too hard.




(Photos: GQ and Vogue UK, through link)






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