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I’m trying to stay serious about going back to my gym-rat regime, especially with a potential job that will take more of my time and SPRING BREAK with my girls next year, I thought I would share a little secret.

There are all these magazines out there for fitness. Most are geared towards their specific genders. I do read Women’s Health or Fitness, both are great for advice, food, workouts; just general motivation but what do I find that has worked since I’ve started working out for Vegas last summer? Workouts that are geared more towards the fellas. I had a strict diet last summer that included a “Vegas jar” and working out with my boys. Everyday. But when I was lazy, at least what was allowed for me to consider lazy”, I worked out at home. I found workouts that were featured in Men’s Health always did the trick. I was sweating buckets by the end of it and I only had more energy to do what I needed to do after.

Check it out. It is known that men and women train differently and gain and lose fat, weight, muscle differently but who says the girls can’t play hard like the boys?


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