Girl Power

Good morning guys,

I’m watching the news right now and they’re currently talking about the new empowering commercials for girls and women. I had been hearing buzz about the Pantene commercial showing how women have this habit of apologizing for things that they shouldn’t have the need to apologize for. I had not seen it yet so I decided to look it up. It was definitely a change in perspective. In the commercial, it showcased a couple situations that are very common; a woman moving her arm because a male sits beside her and he puts it on top of hers, women in the office moving down and saying sorry because they make room for the man decides to sit beside them. It was interesting to see it on the outside as a female and disagreeing — but knowing that I would probably do the same — with their need to apologize. I’m not a feminist but I do appreciate the media stepping up.

Here’s a link from Youtube for the Pantene commercial:


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