July 1st, 2014

It’s July tomorrow! It’s a wonder how much time moves so quickly as you grow older. Growing up I wished I’d grow up and get to specific ages so I can finally stay out without a curfew, learn how to drive, drink [legally..], vote, etc. Now, I’m 24 and I used to tell people that I was 21 because I didn’t want to accept the ages between 25 until I turned 25. I also still love being carded everywhere. Why? I mean, as I am of Asian descent, we are known for having a way of staying young; at the very least, we have this ability to look younger than our age. As each year passed, I grew tired of having people ask me how old I am or if I was old enough to do something or go somewhere. Now. Well, let’s just say, sometimes I’m the one reminding them that I’m only “___ years young.” 

I am not dwelling on my age because I’m sad about what I’ve accomplished and what I’m still striving for, I’m just a little nostalgic of the times where we had naps at school and how I had come from school/work to home-cooked meals every day. 

I look forward to what comes next but I wish that time slowed down a little bit.


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