Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

My hairstylist is also my friend — I mean all our hairstylists, depending on how loyal we are, are our friends but mine was a friend before she started cutting my hair, ANYWAYS — and I always look forward to the cut and/or color and some great conversation while I’m there. Recently, we were talking about our love lives and how we always want what other people have; she asked if I sometimes miss when I was single because she brought up how she’s trying something new and I told her it sounds like a lot of fun. I found myself hesitating and she smiled and I said I did sometimes. She gave me a look and asked in disbelief but just laughed at me because she said that it’s okay that I do but she knows that it’s nothing more.

When I got back from the haircut, I told my boyfriend all about it, and lastly decided to tell him about that part of the visit. He looked at me and smiled when I said that I hesitated before I admit that I did sometimes. I looked at him and was genuinely curious to why he was smiling. My boyfriend has this look, where he gets all gushy and teary-eyed and he says, “you’re all mine.”

Do I miss it sometimes? Yeah, I guess I do. But would I want that life again? Not for the one I love now.


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