Russell, MB

So where am I this week? Out in the boonies. So far it’s been a quiet and surprisingly quick work week. I haven’t noticed the time and it’s already Thursday.

Spent Canada Day sleeping in and getting settled in after the 4 hour drive the night before. Wednesday was just a chill day. Last night, I was honored to be invited to a sweat lodge that was led by my boyfriend’s dad. It was a very enlightening experience. One that I won’t hesitate to join in again.

I wanted to give a shout out to two small shops in town that I had really great services and loved the atmosphere in. Luckily for me they were conjoined!

Bin 22 is a coffee shop attached to this cute clothing boutique named Hometown Glory. I had gone in seeing these cute dresses in the window, as I needed one for the sweat, and I had gone in with the most pleasant surprise. It had unique pieces that ranged from comfort to the more fashionable pieces for your day. I found a black-grey racer-back jersey maxi and I couldn’t wait to put it on! The coffee shop was very modern with it’s ipads and square readers but it held the coffee shop vibe. Thanks, Russell!


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