Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

I only get to catch this show every now and then but when I do, I’m completely captivated. The basic premise of the show is simply him traveling around the world and completely engaging himself in the culture of which he chose to visit. He tries to touch the more known aspects of the country that he’s landed himself in but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t indulge a little as well. He’s eaten foods that most wouldn’t want to know that they’re eating it and he’s given himself some time to dip his foot in their special drinks as well — you can’t turn away from libations that are insisted upon you — that are known in with the people.

For someone who has such extreme wanderlust, Mr. Bourdain has my dream career. There is no boundary to his comfort zone, his hesitation doesn’t stop him from getting down to the dirt; the world is his oyster and he most definitely is going to take it when he’s given one.


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