I’m currently trying to read The Art of War and by currently, I literally mean that it’s an open window on my mac on iBooks and I have this window open with my blog and three other tabs with the three songs I can’t stop listening to. Oh, I also have Parts Unknown on in front of me. I have ADHD but I haven’t gone to properly diagnose it yet. Today is marked the day where I was unofficially hired because I’ve been tagging along with my boyfriend for work (Yay). It’s a nice sentiment, being very much looked after by his family being that we’ve only been dating for (almost) 2 years now. I couldn’t be more grateful. But I’m still needing more. I’m anticipating this is only for the summer so come fall, I’m looking for another job. That and school. I work better under pressure.

I need movement in my life. Without it, I’m so afraid becoming stagnant. And this novel I read once, had put into words that hit so close; what else is stagnant? Mosquitoes. I don’t want to be a pesky mosquito. I’m motivated.. I’m more motivated. I hope the universe works with me a little bit.



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