Love And Other Foreign Words

I finally have some time to give the review for the book I finished too quickly. I love finding books that seem to just be something I needed in my life at the time.

So a little synopsis, nothing too complicated, but enough to reel you in. The book centres around the protagonist, Josie, who is going through a lot of changes in her life that she can’t seem to understand. She loves the use of language; the way the words come together to make statements, the way people use tones and body language, and how almost every word can be used in multiple ways… but that’s also one of the reasons why she has to decipher what everyone is saying to her.

It was a great read. I love language myself so it was nice to have someone else put it into words and write a great story about it.

It’s Friday today! And tomorrow is my fave Godsister’s birthday (!!



One thought on “Love And Other Foreign Words

  1. Hehehe. Love you! and I need a new book to read! Its funny I have a book list that I posted a while ago and I haven’t bought one book from it yet -_-.

    Wish you were here to party with me tomorrow night 😦

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