Sunday funday

Evening guys.

Slept in today. As much as I love my Sundays, I didn’t mind so much that I had work and all I got was a couple hours to sleep in. Work was slow but busy. I love working cash because the time passes the quickest and I get to interact with the customers a lot more.

My parents + baby brother came to visit today. They don’t even know how much that made my day. And on top of that one of my best girlfriends stopped by too! Yay me.

Ending the day with possibly catching up with the classes that I have so sorrowfully neglected + some other ways to pass the time. I’m trying to manage my time between work and school with the end goal in mind. So far so good. I will admit, I’m just waiting for the burnout. Home life doesn’t help make it easier anymore so I know it won’t be fun this time around.

I hope everyone’s weekend is ending nicely!



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