Movember. I love + hate this time of year since the beginning of prostate awareness. Some of the young men can pull off the ‘stache, some can even rock the ever coveted beard, but most can hardly grow more than a patch of facial hair and.. well, I admire the effort. I will thank all the men who decide to do it not only for the “trend” but because they do want spread awareness of the gender specific cancer. My grandfather died over the summer having diagnosed with prostate cancer. It holds something near to the heart.

Daily news on this end? Good news or bad news first? Good. I have planned out my move out to the west with one of my best girlfriends and luck has it she is always, always, alwaaaays down to take the big leaps in life. Cannot wait! Along with that + her, a couple of my other best girlfriends have planned out our spring breaks, birthdays, and a possible wedding! Yay us. Love my bad btches. On the work + school end, school that “matters” has been going pretty well. Online classes still need a little more love but I’m working on it. Work is still in limbo but I’m not itching yet. Yet.

Bad news? I don’t like talking about bad news. End it, Belle.

Lately, life hasn’t been too easy. Thanks to the little rays of sunshine I have, I’m still trying to hold strong.



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