Book Review! | #Girlboss

I finally finished #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso! And by finally, I mean I have been trying to inch every second of free time into this book. It was a great read.

She begins the book with a few chapters talking about her life and what she’s been through before her multi-million dollar enterprise. She made sure it was honest and light-hearted through out. But not once did I feel she made any of her past experiences ones of regret. She was proud of where she came from and the choices she made to get to where she is now. The book did not feel like one of a self-help genre. It was one that allowed it’s readers to understand their potential, no matter where they might be in life. Chapter 5 onwards is where Sophia begins to give the #GIRLBOSSes of the world some life tips on making sacrifices but not seeing them as such, finding what you love + making sure you work hard at making everyone know that what you chose to do is something that you love. She also featured fellow #GIRLBOSSes between chapters to showcase where they’ve come from and what they’re doing now.

I had to bookmark so many pages in so many of the chapters that I decided to just bookmark the chapter itself (I don’t like when books aren’t in their mint conditions but that doesn’t go to saying I don’t love writing my little notes on their pages..).

I know it may seem like another book that chronicles another entrepreneur who came from nothing to grow into a million dollar company but she was a breath of fresh air. She was someone who wasn’t afraid to shine a little bit about her personality, that she’s an introvert. She wasn’t ashamed to say that she worked at a sandwich shop because she learned something about herself and she did take something from working there.

Needless to say I enjoyed the book. It was witty and inspiring. I recently read that she was now opening a store in LA!



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