Sick Daze

So it’s finally come. I am sick and I miss my parents. I have been feeling incredibly nostalgic these past two days (since I’ve become sick + surly) as I lie in bed, not being in the right mind to decide for myself if I want the covers on or off. I have the most fond memories of my Mom and Dad taking turns checking up on me in the middle of the night because my coughs have finally kept them up so long they’ve decided that my stubborn ways of not taking any medication and trying to “heal my body naturally” is no longer something they will stand behind. I miss my Mom’s “when my kids are sick” foods. My membrane is currently so filled with fluid and mucus, I am so sadden by the fact that I can’t recall any of them right now. But I know they were the biggest + warmest hugs through food this side of the world. I miss the constant checking up on me, even when all I’m doing is laying half off + on the ottoman because I can’t decide at which angle my body doesn’t want to ache and groan.

I knew this day would come. I didn’t know how I would react to it but apparently my body and my mind are anywhere but here. They’re with my parents. The only people in the world, I now know, are the only people who can only really look after their sick child. I can willingly admit to how spoiled I was growing up. Not everyone has/had the luxury to have parents have jobs (or they made it work) to stay home with their sick kids. Even when they were grown ass adults.

I miss not having to look after myself and all the responsibilities that come with growing up during times like this. I miss being the kid who still has the time to be stupid and take her parents caring ways for granted and instead think of them as constant nagging. I miss my baby brother being there for me because I’m being the big brat and he is the only one who can stand me when I’m completely unreasonable under my ill condition.

I find myself missing a lot of things these days.

Cheers guys. Stay warm!


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