Psychology is I

I’m finding the snow falling as very calming and peaceful. That is when I’m watching it fall from inside a warm space and not when I’m driving around on the icy roads and the heater in my car is not “winterized” yet.

I’m also finding it leaving me really contemplative. Is this a nice time? For some, it may be, but for me it’s more a time when I wish I had a switch to turn it off. I consider myself an introvert and when you get days where all you do is think about everything; what you’re currently doing, how your day is so far, what you’ll be making for supper, how much I’ve been ignoring the gym, what I’m missing at home, how work is going so far, I wonder how school is right now.. must I go on (My mind can go there. It hasn’t stopped even if I made my fingers type out the question to stop)? I embrace how I am an introvert but at the best of times it can be such a pain with the characteristics it holds sometimes.

Graduating with a degree in psychology, I’m bound to self-diagnose myself a lot. I will tend to think of mostly everything in my life in psychological terms because.. well I wasn’t one of those people who chose psychology because I thought it would be “easy.” I went into psychology because I thought it would be good for me. I had times in my life, as I continue to, where I wish I understood why behaviors are the way they are, where actions made sense no matter what the outcome was with the parties involved, or why I reacted or didn’t react in times of stress or even in times when everything was going good. For me, psychology was a place that gave me a hug when I was lost and confused in the world. When I was lost and confused within myself.

I went into psychology not thinking about a job because I was just so excited about the prospect of finally understanding who I am. All the aspects of the mind, of personality, and choices, and the wide range of things that psychology pry into. Coming out of it, I had found a job. One that I thought would be my first and last with the anticipation of my continuing my education, I can grow with the hospital and I would be happy.

Having psychology as a background, you’d think I wasn’t so naïve about life. That I would have anticipated the different paths that will twist and turn every choice I had going into my 5,10-year life plan. But I was.

It’s been tough but you really begin to understand that sometimes life knows better than you do. That the universe won’t give you what you think you want right away but instead it makes you work hard and wait a little because it has this grand plan to give you all you wanted and deserve after you’ve realized what it felt you needed to understand.

I think psychology has saved me in so many ways. Even though sometimes psychology + hypochondria don’t mix very well (haha).  It’s given me the deeper perspective towards life and the people I’ve surrounded myself with and with it I’m slowly becoming who I am. And I still understand that I’m a work in progress thanks to psyc and I’m trying to be okay with that.

Psychology in every way, good + undesired, thank you.



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