Could we?

I love the site that I contribute for, Elite Daily, because there are writers and contributors that I feel that I can relate to and they write about everything. The site doesn’t just write about the daily muses of 20-somethings and the gripes that millennials have (we have a lot), the writing featured has the most recent in the news all over the world, too.

After that long introduction, I will be commenting about the article I had recently read on Elite. I have a small gripe (I’m not mad, I just wish it wasn’t something I’m relating to so well) because it hit me a little too hard, as most of the articles do. The writer, Lisa Thompson (here is a link to her article), wrote about how people can get lost in a relationship. I for one, will admit that it’s easy to do so. You fall in love with someone. You trust that all those feelings and thoughts will be kept guarded. Losing yourself in the idea that you both are meant to be together shouldn’t be hard. But she writes, what if it.. is hard? She wrote how someone could fall in love with someone for their “could-be’s.” It’s that moment where you’re with your best girlfriends and they’re all gushing over their S.O.’s and you’re sitting there nodding and smiling along with them but you have nothing to say. Then your partner decides to bring you a surprise after work and you could not wait to tell every form of social media you signed up for because this is such a “rare” occurrence. But should something so rare be one that you brag about?

As I was reading yet another great post by another great contributor, I had to stop and sit back for a second because it was something that I was sadly reading to realization. Why does it have to be that the little things become the big things because they don’t happen often? Why do I feel like I have to settle for what I get because I hope so much that all the things that he promises will happen one day? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but like any writer, people will judge the side that is given and assume the other. I can’t help but feel that I’m beginning to accept that this is the best that I’ll get. That this is all that I deserve. That I can look forward to all the future prospects that our life together may bring even if the present keeps me awake at night.

Writing this post and publishing it is turning out to be harder than I anticipated because I’ve always felt that when you tell someone else about something scary or important, good or bad, it becomes real. This is making all of my relationship, too real.

Not any less cheery than last night’s guys.



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