Happy Birthday Disney

I will start off this post with another link to yet another great piece on Elite Daily. Growing up in the 90s, I grew up with a lot of Disney. I mean who doesn’t grow up with a lot of Disney but I will need to emphasize a lot. I had almost all the VHS tapes, I had the books that were basically the movies in writing, I had the dolls and action figures.. like I said, a lot. So when I read that it was Disney’s birthday today, I didn’t mind so much in partaking in the celebration. This piece wrote about all the special quotes that were magically put into the Disney movies. I had a couple favorites:

1. I love the Lion King. I also adore Rafiki. He gave the life advice that is given so often but so rarely given a deep thought. It’s difficult in life to get past times that are preferred forgotten and sometimes that leaves us dwelling on them with sad hearts. I know how hard this is but I also am trying to understand that when you learn to make that effort, you learn so much about yourself that you might have not known otherwise if you hadn’t gone through those hardships. Like all things that have great significance this will also take time. But take all the time. It’s yours.

2. + 4. I mean who doesn’t love Dory and Timone and Pumba? And who doesn’t love their advice? Hakuna Mata, my friends.

7. Christopher Robin always knew just what to say. When times get really tough and I’m overwhelmed by everything in my life, I try to remember, “You don’t know how strong you are until all you have is your strength.” It’s not as charming as Christopher Robin’s but it reminds me of his kindness.

9. I love my family. Blood is thicker than water but I also am a firm believer that family isn’t just blood. Those in my life that I’ve been so fortunately been given to be my chosen family, I would give up the world for, as they would do for me. I may not have the conventional definition of family but they cannot be defined as anything less.

12. I can be the worst when I want something because I have no patience for it. And by want, I mean work hard for and decide that I’ve earned it. But this as other variations of this piece of advice says, I do need to remember that all the grand things in life that matter take time. Just you wait.

14. “Reach for the stars.”

17. Weird is cool. Why would you want to be boring instead of a really interesting and complex person who everyone wants to get to know better?


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