“I had it..”

Yesterday I had intended on writing to continue the “one line a day” theory but instead from work went straight to a ball hockey game then off to grocery shop a little bit for the week then passed out from the past couple nights of sleeping at 5am (also, look at this run-on sentence). Now that I have some time, I was going to write about what I was intending to share last night. I can’t seem to recall it at all. I remember trying to keep it fresh in my mind when I woke up this morning but to such no luck. I am a little sad. But there are other things in my life that I can write about.

So I can’t recall (wow, this memory) the last time I told you guys about how I have the greatest girlfriends. They’re nothing less than family to me and I had this warming moment today when I was reading through our group conversation. For lack of comparison, these girls are my Sex in the City girls. We can talk about everything. If you’ve seen Sex in the City, you know that those women did not have filters between them. That’s what I have. We don’t get to see each other as often as they did, with their weekend brunches and their more than usual open schedules but we make do with what time we do have with each other. No matter the distance with these girls, we will drop everything to be there for each other. Sometimes, what that means is that we would spend hours talking through it because we can’t literally drop everything but most of the time that’s all we need. I have grown up with these amazing women and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

Like many of my posts before this, I have a family that I was fortunate enough to be given and that I was lucky enough to choose. These girls comprise an enormous part of my life and without them my “family” would be incomplete. Blood is blood but when you find people who are thicker than water, you need to treasure them like blood too.



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