Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,

I missed a day! But after I tell you why, you guys won’t be so mad. It was so uneventful anyways. I woke up at 5am for my retail shift. Then got home, had a mental breakdown, slept, and went for a late night mcdouble run. That was yesterday.

Today’s events did not stray too far from yesterdays. I had another 6am shift. I was surprised to be a little more tolerant of the shift.. after I got off at 11am. I know if it was any longer, I would not have been a happy Belle. I was then surprised with a coffee, one of my favourite chocolates when I was picked up and some flowers when I got home. It was so sweet. But.. Why the but? WHY, BELLE? *sad face. I digress. I am now making mini banana muffins because I froze them because apparently they’re really good frozen with peanut butter. I think I froze them wrong and turned into mush when I left them out. The muffins look great though! I’ll take a humblebrag picture for you guys.

*My muffins taste overwhelming like baking powder. I will continue this post later..

IMG_2500 *** They were so cute.



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