Happy Holidays

You want to know what I love about the holidays? Aside from the tremendous amount of delicious homemade, oh so comforting, food and seeing everyone I’ve missed all year? I love getting gifts. Ok, wait, don’t stop reading, hear me out. I am notorious for not giving christmas lists and even worse when asked, “What do you want for Christmas?”. Sure, when I was a little tike, I cut out pictures of what I wanted and stuck them to paper to give to my parents so they knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Now that I’m older, not so much. A lot of the things “on my list” I would rather get myself over asking someone else to spend their hard earned money on me. I mean, right? No, I know that’s not the point of gift giving and I don’t share that same philosophy with all the gifts I give but I also love all those handmade, hard thought of, sentimental gifts that everyone thinks are lame and only broke people do. Not the case! I would rather get a jar full of love notes over a gift card or something that doesn’t show any importance behind.  I put a lot of thought into the gifts I give and I’d love it if my loved ones did the same for me, ie. I got a sweater from my bf last year for my birthday. Sure, a simple quarter-sleeve, mint-green sweater. But you know what I loved about it? That it was mint-green. Around my birthday, I was obsessing over the color mint-green. So when I saw it, I was really happy that he had thought about it enough to get me a mint-green sweater over any other color. So back to how much I love gifts (haha, please don’t think less of me). When I give gifts, like I had already said, I search for these bad boys because I want them to put a grand smile on their faces. Now, I know, I know, not so selfless or altruistic of me since I want to feel great about my gift but it’s because I do genuinely want them to love what I gave them. I know that not everyone thinks like me; when I get gifts, I’d like to think that they scoured the mall and every where in the city for something that made them think of me or something that they knew I’d love and not just any old gift. I would rather get a heartfelt card over a gift that was something last minute and had no meaning behind it. I’m a tad sentimental. Just a little bit.

So the moral of the story? I love gifts.. that mean something to the person who gave it to me. You can buy a gingerbread house that you wanted to make.. but you bought it for me because you knew I’ve always wanted to decorate one and you wanted to join in the festivities. I’m not even mad.

Everyone wants a little something for the holidays. But it means so much more when you’re genuinely thinking about them when you get that special something and not because you had to ask them what they wanted!



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