Night Before Christmas Eve

Quick post while remembering to make supper from the frantic days before Christmas.

+ Godsister is in town so all the shenanigans are happening with my girls + bgf.
+ Babysat little tinies on Saturday between games. So far the least hectic day, believe that.
+ Some of my favourite lumps slept over for the past two days. Sad to see them go. It was really nice to have more company in the apartment for a couple days but talk about all the young energy!
+ Christmas Eve is tomorrow and it starts all the events until the 28th and breaaaaak until “The Day that is like any other day” Day (New Year’s Eve).
+ Still had to cram some time shopping for dinner prep today + baking, wrapped all the presents, and still cramming some time tomorrow to prep dinner + baking for both families annnnd grabbing containers so I don’t have to come home to clean them and freak out about the apartment being clean for my Mom (You all know where I’m coming from..)

AND CHEERS. Merry Christmas + all the other magnificent holidays, you guys celebrate!


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