“Lonely with company”

Early post today my friends.

Yesterday, it was apparently colder than Mars where I live so that was nice to read. Again. We’ve been given this terrific comparison last year so it was nice to know that we’re consistent..

So I had this post up yesterday but I got distracted by my 1500 piece puzzle so I left this on the back burner. Good news, I’m almost done! I love doing puzzles even though getting them started takes me days to focus on it.

Sorry in advance for the jumps this post is going to have, I just find myself having all these thoughts that I want to write in this post. For example, I need to mention this weird reoccurring number I remember right before I wake up. That means I would be past REM and I might not even be dreaming anymore. Anyways, it’s about the number “15.” I have no personal significance to that number so I have no idea why my subconscious seems to want me to pay attention. I’m not so much but last night I had the worst feeling that it was already the 15th of January and I haven’t looked for more jobs in Edmonton yet. It made me feel uneasy. Despite knowing all the time is ahead of me, I would take the reassurance of this one huge aspect of the move over going with the punches.

Feeling like you’re alone even when you’re with someone has been something that I’ve been feeling as of late. It’s an.. eyes wide open kind of feeling. It’s not the same when you’re with someone and you’re both in the same space and doing separate things but still feeling the warmth of their company. It’s the feeling like you’re in their arms and all you can feel is someone holding you in a tight grip. No comfort, no feeling of protection. Nothing.

And on that sad note. Happy Friday, everyone.



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