Eyes Wide Open

Today was a productive day. A productive and temporarily nerve-racking day.

Pressed snooze once this morning and received a phone call about a pre-screen interview with a job I applied for yesterday (Take time on your cover letters, kids. The work pays off.)! Off to campus for a meeting the bf had with his advisor. Then the driving across the city begins. Needing documents that prove that we exist in the country, we stopped by bf’s mom’s home to grab what he needed then.. we tried to stop by my parent’s place but no one was home so we made our way home. Doctor snuck me in because I have a really great doctor *insert nerves here. A short stop over to my parent’s, which is always a good time because being Filipino, you get fed the moment you enter the door. We picked up the rice cooker that my parent’s bought us after giving me a hard time about dropping the ball about not having one at my Grandma’s house on Christmas. Came home with a pretty cool lamp because my Mom insisted that it’s suitable for us because it “feels young.” Finished preparing the documents for the job we’re applying for to be mailed out before the closing date. Now I’m applying for another college in Edmonton and finding time to write here.

It has been a good Hump Day.



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