Small Talk

I am not the type to enjoy small talk. When passing by old friends or acquaintances, I never mind saying hello or walking away with a simple wave. I don’t walk away in a huff when someone does try to talk but I don’t relish in the moment. I would rather have someone suggest catching up over coffee than trying to see how someone is as quickly as possible. Ok, there are some exceptions here. There are just some people that only require small talk and nothing more.

The greatest thing about having life-long friends and relationships is this. Well, this is one of the greater things. Some of my relationships ask us to see each other once or twice a year. You’d think that would count as an acquaintance but it doesn’t. They’re my family. We’ve tried everything to make sure we keep in touch with each other as often as possible. I have long distance relationships with my friends even if most of them live in the same city as me.

The other night, I was watching an episode of Modern Family (which I have been binge watching as of late because I have been trying to finish my 1500 piece puzzle..) and some of the family members had shared how sometimes you pretend to have the same interests as your significant others. I passive-aggressively made a comment about how this is can be true and having plucked his head from gaming, the boyfriend comes over and jokingly asks me what my interests are. After 2+ years, I thought it was cute but it felt a little like small talk. Both of which I had hoped he was very familiar with by now. I shrugged and went back to my puzzle and he went back to gaming. Now, I’m relishing. Yay.

This is all I wanted to write about my relishing over.. Whatever.



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