I had received some really great news today. After days filled with frustrated persistence, day after day, I got a job! I mean I have two right now but because of different circumstances, I don’t have many hours so this new opportunity is very exciting. The bonus to all of it is that it’s on campus grounds so I can work school around shifts, too. Doing a little bit of research, the company’s website is making me more excited.

Growing older you have responsibilities to remember on a daily basis which is something I understand that comes with the territory but that doesn’t make it any easier. I read motivational quotes and life advice in surprising places and it’s a pleasant break to be reminded that there are others out there to justify having motivational quotes written. But reality is never as easy as reading words to push you forward and expecting you to feel better. Lately, trying to do things to get them done and out of sight is exactly what I hope for when they become out of mind. I know when something scares the living sh*t out of you means that you care so deeply about it, that’s why it takes up all the space in your mind. When does it become unhealthy? When does the overwhelming feelings become too much?

I miss psychology. One of my close girlfriends sent us a photo stating this was a great way to cheer up: “say ‘beep bop’ when sad. repeat until not sad.” It works.

Good night, everyone.


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