Everyone has one to tell. Sometimes people embrace sharing it, others keep it for themselves.

I am one of those people who can’t decide. I have things that I keep to myself like anyone else but I also have moments in my life that I feel I can talk about openly and not feel entirely self conscious about it. But that doesn’t mean that when I do feel like divulging a little bit about my life, that it comes easy. I still go through the motions of going through every single word before I decide that is how I want it conveyed.. perfectly. Drafts, revised drafts, and revised drafts of those drafts. Then I’ll keep it open until I can come back to it before the end of the day so I can read it again. Posted.

So here’s a proposition. I love writing. Blogging has been on the lax lately but I enjoy it. I miss writing for the more better known blogs out there so I decided that I might try my hand at it with my blog. I won’t try to offend anyone. Most of the what I write will be my own views unless otherwise cited. And I’ll be able to share without feeling too personal.

Let me know what you think?



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