Why You Need To Treasure The Girlfriends You Have Because No One Can Replace Them

One of the hardest things about being a girl is that we don’t all get along. We can be the meanest to each other and the most judgemental. We don’t care too much for another girl having anything better than us because.. well, we would rather have it ourselves. So what do you do when you find the magic few who have been through it all? The ones who came at the most crucial part of your life (mine came when I was in Grade 4) and they decided that you need them more than you know so you have yet to chase them off. These are the very same girls who have experienced almost all of your firsts with, if not, at least the most memorable ones. The ones who get all the inside jokes and all the looks without verbal confirmation needed when there’s something, or worse, someone that isn’t welcome.

These the few women in your life that you will call your friends.. and mean it. They’re the ones that will hold your hair when you’re not feeling too well after they told you that you’re done for the night. They’re the ones that will share all and everything that is happening in their lives, without any known filter, because they only expect the same from you. You won’t need to “tolerate” these ones because they’re your best guy friends’ girlfriend or because you work with them, or they’re dating your boyfriend’s friend. These ones you’ll learn to love. And I add learn because let’s be honest here, it took a lot of time, maybe years, to love them. But now life would not be what it is without them.

When you find them, make sure that they know you couldn’t go through all the hardships and wouldn’t know who share all the great things with if they weren’t in your life. They’ll love you like no one else can because it’s a different kind of love when you find ones that don’t make you stand there like a deer in headlights trying to give a sensible reason for “not liking her.. because I don’t like her.” I can be such a guy sometimes and I know that I play better with the boys. So now that I’ve finally found the ones who can also be such guys sometimes and also play better with the boys but choose to go out and have girls’ nights with me and embrace who we are as women; now have my permission to make sure whoever wants to get with me needs to get with this group because they won’t let just anyone in.


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