“Quarter of a Century”

It sort of just hit me today that I’m 25 years old. Now, most of anyone would think that I’m still really young and that youth is wasted on us but I’m not one of those people. My generation is full of ambitious, entitled, type-As who couldn’t wait to grow older and now that we’re here, we have no idea why life is being so cruel (if you’re in my circle). I’ve finished so much of my education and for the most part it wasn’t “required” of me to do what I’ve done and I have yet to find a job that will allow me to use my “skills and knowledge.” So I’m a little bitter. Yeah, I’ve joined the club.

What would I tell myself when I turned 21 and couldn’t wait until I was 25 because by then all my hopes and dreams have come true? I would have told myself that I can wait. That the next 4 years are going to be a roller coaster and I won’t be allowed to complain about a “quarter-life crisis” until I hit the golden age. I would have told myself to relish the time I was in school because besides that and a job, that’s all I had to worry about. I would tell myself that when I’m done one degree, not to rush into another one because I was bored. Damn my ambition.

I wrote a letter to myself on my 24th birthday. I read it and it made me cry. I knew all the right things to say even a year before I knew what I was going to go through.

How’s my quarter-life crisis going so far? It’s been 7 days since my birthday and I haven’t fallen off any wagons yet. Sharing my gripes and wallows with the ones who love me help a lot. They let me whine (haha).

Can I give any advice to the newcomers or future prospects? Give it time to settle in, the feeling of being a quarter century. No matter where you are in your life, career driven or still looking for purpose, it’s hard to believe but you are still young. Embrace the need to explore and figure yourself  + life out. Don’t be scared to move on from things that don’t make you happy. You have an entire year to figure it out. Just this year though, after that you’re on your own; no pressure.

Will I take my own advice? Nah. And I was kidding about being screwed after the year of your 25th year. Wait, I didn’t say screwed? …



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