A Week

We arrived this last Saturday. It’s been a week today. Already.

I had a breakdown the first day we got here because I wanted to go back to Winnipeg. I missed my family. I missed work. That city had made me comfortable and that scared me but when I got here, all I wanted was those warm arms wrapped around me.

The excitement hasn’t really started yet. I’ve been really busy since I got here and it hasn’t slowed down yet but I am proud to say I can get home from pretty much anywhere in the city now. Living in the hub of the city helps because of all the main routes.

I’ve also been so lucky to have my support team working so hard to keep me from losing my mind. All the video chats, all the time found to spend time with me have been amazing. I need them and I’m so happy that they don’t forget that it’s hard for me to ask too often.

I will admit that there is only one thing that is stressing me out to no end right now. My poor body isn’t appreciating it at all. I want it to work out but my mind and heart don’t want to work things out.

Edmonton has been a whirlwind to get here and this city is still keeping me on my feet.

Being outside of my comfort zone is what I asked for. Bring it.



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