Long Distance

I never thought I’d be open to a long-distance relationship. Never.

So what happened? I met my best friend and I had a life opportunity and he told me I had to go.

I told him that I couldn’t do it without knowing that I will always have him in my life.

So we talked and decided that we’d both be fools not to try.

I never knew I’d miss someone so much.

Long distance relationships are hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they’re lying. Or they don’t really care about their relationship because frankly, it takes a lot of damn effort and time to make it work. Being away from someone you care about; when they’re having a bad day and you can’t be there for them when they just want to be in your arms, when they have the greatest news to share and all you want to do is celebrate with them but the best is take-out on Skype. When you get into fights, it is extremely challenging to not want to just fly or drive wherever they are because you know it would be different if you could knock on their door and tell them that you guys will be okay.

But you know what I’m learning through my long-distance relationship? I know what I need to fight for to show how much they mean to me. That they’re worth the wait, the time, and most importantly the distance because you couldn’t imagine yourself doing it with anyone else. I’m learning that even though you don’t get to physically see each other everyday or whenever you want, talking is one of the most important things, if not the most, that you both need to understand. I trust this guy so much and I never wake up wondering what he’s doing or who he’s talking to that I would need to worry about and that is so comforting. I’m learning that you can’t go through a day without telling each other what you’re feeling because the next day might be too late. You don’t have that chance to show each other when you want to so make sure they know when you want them to know.

I know long-distance relationships aren’t meant for everyone. But I know that if you’re willing to try and you’ve found someone who’s worth it, make sure they know and they don’t forget. One day you both will wake up and smile at each other in person.



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