Between a Rock And a Hard Place

I’m having one of those moments in my life where I think everything is unfair.


Just the one thing that I can’t get out of my life and it has me rethinking everything. You know all those quotes, proverbs, and sayings where they’re supposed to motivate you past a really tough time in your life? Those only work when the tough time is something you can change about yourself. They do nothing when the most stressful thing in your life is a person. I have never felt so much stress in my life just because I have to babysit a grown ass man.

I will inevitably go off on a tangent if I’m not careful here so I won’t even bother going down that path.

I have never felt so much frustration and need to be so far away from someone before (well I have but again, restraints to go on is real). I’m losing my appetite, I’ve lost my love to cook and just be myself because all I can think about is how much better my life would be if I wasn’t the biggest idiot and if this idiot wasn’t such an asshole.


So this entire post is becoming more of a rant and less of what I intended it to be. I’m just fed up with all his bullshit. If this was anyone else (ANYONE care to correct me if I’m wrong and I think too highly of men), they’d leave.

This is my new city adventure and I can’t even enjoy it.

Sad faces all around, kids.



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