Best Team Family

I have been so, so lucky to have two amazing teams that I have come to call my Family.

Before I moved to Edmonton, I was placed as a temp at Acklands-Grainger. I knew from the moment I walked out of the interview that this was going to be an opportunity that I hope doesn’t pass me by. I was lucky enough that my manager decided that I was the right fit for the team and was informed that I was hired the next week. You know when you don’t understand how life works sometimes? This was definitely one of those times. I was introduced to some of the most amazing people within that team. I met my best friend the day we both came in for our first day. I always wanted to grow older and find a job that I would wake up to every day wanting to go into. This team made that dream come true. I would never have thought to find some of the most like minded, dedicated, hard working people in my life and they were all part of my team. I reconsidered a life decision because I couldn’t imagine myself leaving this group of people behind. But because they are that amazing, that decision was already made for me the moment they found out. I miss them every day and I am only so lucky, still, that they are always just a text or phone call away.

So now you’d think I’d never be able to find another team like that again. I honestly have to give OfficeTeam something for my gratitude. I have been, yet again, placed with a team that I call again my Family. I have only been at this company for a little bit over 2 months and I could not imagine myself leaving until I retire. They have been some of the most fantastic group of people I get to see every day I come into work and I hope they know that.

This post shouldn’t get too long but I could go on and on. If life was getting too rough, my old position at Acklands and now my position here would remind me to stay grateful and that life gets hard sometimes but I am so lucky to have this and these people as part of it.

Cheers, kids.


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