Food Truck Chronicles

Over the weekend, I had such a bad sweet tooth. And to try to curb this craving, I decided to bake when I found some free time. Now you’re probably thinking, “Well, won’t you eat what you baked?” The weird thing about me is that I love cooking and baking for the sake of doing it so others can enjoy it. So, when I get in the mood and I don’t have any special occasion for it, the food gets made and put away; And I’m good after.

I decided to bring the cookies I made to work because I made a lot and I always like the constructive criticism (or foodie praise, let’s be honest here). If people don’t like it, I might decide to learn how to make it again (if my feelings aren’t completely crushed… haha) and if it’s a hit, I add it to the recipes of foods that I found were popular.

Even more recently, my boyfriend is trying to learn how to cook. We’re in a long-distance relationship. So. He’s sort of really great and he decided that it won’t stop him from learning how to cook (1. so he doesn’t starve and can eat healthier and 2. so he can cook so I don’t have to all the time) so I send him recipes from Pinterest and he snaps the fun. We would joke about a cooking show when we used to work together after I told him about my foodie dreams – now I sort of get that. Did I say how he’s kind of the best?

I love cooking and baking. I love even more, which I wasn’t aware was possible, that I can share what I make. If I can only do one thing for the rest of my life that makes someone smile, I’d be in the kitchen. SO to Pinterest – I don’t know where my chef ambitions would be without you.

>> It’s a little bit of a gloomy day today in YEG – Spotify Discover Weekly was so on point this morning though. Have a great week guys!



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