Those 36 Questions

I had one of those deep conversations about one’s relationship recently – they have to come up and they need to be addressed guys! And because I’m so lucky, my boyfriend is usually the one to make me talk about it. He isn’t the type to stray from a hard conversation – he wants to get through it together and he reassures me that we always end our hard conversations laughing and feeling so much better about our relationship after. Those talks are always hard to bring up or start but (I know, the constant cheese) he just makes it easier, every time.

Which is leading me to the questions linked below.

These questions are said to be the ones that will help anyone fall in love with another person.

Because I’m in Psychology this was one of the most intriguing theories I’ve read in awhile. So I decided to try it out  – with my boyfriend.

How did it go?

It was his first week visiting me since I moved and we decided while we were cooking dinner to give it a shot. A glass of wine or two in, he brought it up.

It’s explained in the article that the questions start “easy” and continue to become more and more personal. This is a true fact, guys. But you know what was a great feeling? How amazingly easy it was to answer them with him. There were times, where I would blurt out loud that I couldn’t believe I was telling him something but it would always follow with answering the question. We both took our time to answer the questions but we never skipped any of them.

He said that it was one of the highlights of his trip. It wasn’t a surprise that he was so great about it but it was still one of the best moments about his trip for me too.

Want to give it a shot? The link is below; have fun. Do it with a loved one or a complete stranger. Let me know!

NY Times – 36 Questions to Fall in Love


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