Not The Usual Monday

So it’s probably the case that I am very caffeinated but so far the day has been less than dozy.

There’s a lot to do at work and I find that I’m a little distracted over a lot of little things going on in my life right now but none of which are bad. I think. In any case, most of which I’m very glad to have taken care of and is out of the way. Anyways, my usual playlist of mellow (but they’re sad, I’ll be honest) songs have been replaced with my Discover Weekly on Spotify. I tried playing something that would put me in a somber mood but I quickly decided to change it.

I wanted to share how I’m in a good mood. I don’t care to share this often… because I’m not usually in this mood, so I thought it was fitting for a gloomy Monday.

This post was particularly brought upon because my boss asked me if I was happy at work today. He asks me this every day; if he was too busy during the day to see me, he would send me a quick text at the end of the day. He recently asked me during one of our board meetings if I miss my old city and had any inclination to move back; he answered for me saying he knows I miss my friends and family. He then proceeded to tell me not to worry because he’ll move them out here for me. That was small but such a great thing to hear from my boss.

When life was stressful and I have those days a lot, I’m so glad my job is one of the places I can take sanctuary in.



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