When Work is The Easiest Thing on Your Plate

I was doing my morning routine at work when my Business Manager walks by and says he’s going to water my plants.

I had to spit out a thanks! because I was smiling so much.

My plate is feeling a tad overwhelming as of late and it’s been a little hard to want to get up and I’m especially not a morning person but I say “I’m up!” every day, when my alarm goes off, because this has been my saving grace.

I’ve always been one to take on challenges head on and I honestly think I do my best when I’m under pressure or when there’s more effort needed. But this time around, I keep looking back at what could have happened had I been braver to take that step outside of my comfort zone. I am that type of person who gets uncomfortable when things become too comfortable; it feels like I’m settling somehow. Independent – type A – tendencies.  I don’t have regrets. None of which I can really think about right now at least. Everything that happens to me, everything that happens in my life, I think I’ve had some hand in doing and I know that at some point I wanted it. Saying I have regrets makes me feel like I chose to make a mistake even when I knew better.

This unnecessary stress is one of my biggest regrets. I could have done so many different things that would have avoided all of this. It’s the one part of my life that I want to let go of, I have let it go, and yet it’s still a part of my life in this way.

I’m finally literally moving on and I still find myself dragging my feet because I feel bad… about what? I wish I could tell you why because that’s the one that I want answered.

Anyways, this feels like such a downer post. I think part of it is the gloomy day. I have SAD.

It’s Tuesday guys! Almost there.



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