You know what I’ve realized? That whenever I cry over a movie/tv moment or when I feel something towards characters and events that they’re going through, I know it’s because I either relate to it too closely, or that I find myself imagining what I’d be going through or feeling if that was someone I loved or cared about.

I’ve recently started watching a show called Chasing Life. I started watching it because one of my favorite characters from a really great show was a main character in it. I had no idea that it would hit the feels like it has.

There were moments that made me cry because I’ve had several people in my life with the same life-changing event that the main character April is going through and I was the person on the other side. There were moments that had me sobbing so hard because it was too close to a moment I had with my boyfriend and I was the one who was in April’s shoes.

Everyone hates to admit that they cry or feel things during these parts during the movie or a tv show because it might feel weird that you feel so close to a fictional character. But that’s what the writers hope the audience gets from it. That they can relate. That someone can feel what they’ve written and now what they’re hoping the character portrays.

I am such a sucker for emotional porn. I hate having to feel things, too, but sometimes when I hide from my own reality, I think it’s the best way my brain can deal with it in a different way.

Anyways, random post on a Sunday. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!




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