Having psych as my major, I know all to well what triggers can do. Today, I experienced too strong a trigger that I was very unprepared to feel.

Last year I got into multiple accidents over the winter months. It shook me but I had no idea that it would have affected me this much. I experienced an anxiety attack after a two hour drive through the city going home. The feeling of fear and nerves was so unbearable I started crying so hard that I had to catch my breath. It was more than an uneasy feeling; I was very much aware of the emotions but I had no idea what I could do to make it stop. I kept thinking about how I needed it to go away because I had to go home but it was so paralyzing, I kept crying. I eventually got a hold of myself and I started driving home. I was so exhausted after and I felt like I was driving on auto pilot.

There are multiple studies that Psychologists each have their own theories about; all of which are very dependent on the person, I think. Their perception at least.

I don’t want my past experiences to be debilitating but I also don’t want to run away from it and find ways to avoid it because I know that will make it worse long term.

I still can’t shake what I went through earlier. Learning this about myself is a step forward but a hard step to take nonetheless. I’m going to try really hard to overcome this but this is territory that has me a nervous to have to head on. *crossing fingers.



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