Nice + Slow

I’m slowly perusing between my favorite blog sites (Elite Daily (haaay) and Thought Catalog), and I’ve been noticing a lot of break up/”how to love” posts. I guess Thanksgiving (US) is a time for break ups; well a time to write about them, apparently.

And as I’m finding myself intrigued and reading some of them, I feel myself having some solace in the – moving on – advice and words of comfort from everyone… but then I can sense that I don’t really like what I’m reading with the “how-to’s” with love. I’ve read ones that shared how newlyweds will stay faithful with one another, a post where it explains how you can keep loving someone; two of the many that I’m scrolling through today.

I am currently in a relationship and this time around I am being more cautious about it. I had just come out of a really toxic relationship and neither one of us wanted to admit that it was hurting us more than was worth staying together. I can’t help putting up a small (tiny), wall. I have learned a lot from my past relationship; I know how far I’m willing to go and I also know how easily ties need to be cut when they’ve hurt you. Right now, it’s all brand new again, all the butterflies and cute moments. Fights are few and far between because … well it might also be because my SO and I just don’t find much to fight about right now. But I digress. And I read these articles helping someone stay “in love” in their relationship and I know it’s early but I’d like to think that when you’ve found that person, the right one, you won’t have to work very hard to stay in love with them. I know relationships are hard work, at least the great ones are, because you will put your best effort every day because you know that other person is worth it. But I also know that when you love someone, it doesn’t feel like hard work because you just find yourself getting them a glass of water when you grab yourself a drink or covering them up with a blanket when they’ve fallen sleep. There are bigger things that may take more effort and time – in any relationship – but the daily stuff, the morning routines and pizza in the bed nights, are just something that I think add to any relationship. I know things can get really comfortable and that would hurt any relationship if it goes too long but that’s also the base of a long-lasting one. You’ll want to do all the bigger, extravagant things for your SO because… you want to make them happy. And what else could say you love someone more than wanting to make sure that they’re happy before all else?

(I have no internet till the weekend and it’s quiet at home and I’m putting off unpacking more things, bah.)



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