“Travelling Feet”

Growing up away from both sets of Grandparents was hard on me. I moved when I was three and I only ever got to visit every couple years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to visit while my Grandparents were alive but since then I have missed all of their passings…

So this post will move on from my need to cry now.

Just recently I moved into my new apartment. I originally lived with a roommate but that wasn’t working out and I had other reasons to make the big move (again). So it took me some time but as most things that I tell myself I will do, I get it done. And I’ve been so happy since.

Growing up my Mom would tell me stories of my Grandmothers telling her that I am going to travel a lot, if not move completely, often. There’s a phrase for it in my language but I can’t seem to remember it right now. Anyways. My Mom would get very protective when she would tell me these stories, you know how Moms can get, they will always want to control the part of the world that might hurt you. I would always tell her that one day I’ll do that. One day, I’ll just get up and leave. Move. Travel. My feet won’t want to stay in one place for very long.

I moved out when I was 21 from my parents’, I moved to a new city when I was 25. And again, I’ve moved out from a place that wasn’t right for me anymore.

I found that it took me ages to unpack and sort of settle myself into my new place. Mind you, I do have a lot of things that I need again, because all the old things had too much emotion and memory attached to them that I knew I had to let those go. And tonight, I just threw out my packing boxes. As I was riding down my elevator, I kept thinking, “I won’t need these for awhile, I won’t be moving anytime soon. Right?”

You know that with age comes wisdom so my Grandma’s were two of the wisest in my family. So when they decided that I had “travelling feet” that was it; it was my destiny. And goes my wanderlust that will surprise me out of nowhere and the itch is so unbearable I get sick when I don’t have the chance to leave.

As for this big move to a new apartment, I’m genuinely hoping that this one is in it for a long run. I can travel, I can leave the city for a couple days or months, but I do want this place to be somewhere I can call home. Even if it is for a just a little while.




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