Last weekend!

So. I was having this thought on the bus and I got all cheesy about it.

I posted that quote, “You are who you love, not who loves you.” And I was thinking this morning that I am so lucky that I am who I love.

I have some of the most amazing people in my life.

Some of them I’ve known my whole life because they’re so, so weird and have decided that it’s worth sticking around all this time. Some of them I’ve only known for as short as a couple months and life since then is all I remember.

These wonderful, beautiful people that I love so much are the few people I can count on when I think my world is ending. They’re the ones that I run to when I can’t handle what’s being thrown at me anymore and I need their help. My favorite human beings are the ones that hold my hand because I do get scared sometimes and they know before even I do. They also hold my hand when I’m walking away feeling a little too inebriated and they don’t want me to get lost. I have these classiest of the class that I get to talk to whenever I want to about everything under the moon and it gets weird when we aren’t telling each other everything. I have been given these people who inspire me to do everything I want because I can and that I deserve it and because I should never settle; we do this for each other because that’s what love is. They’re the ones I tell all the things that make me happy (and all the things that make me sad even if I still get nervous to) because that’s all they want for me. I am surrounded by people who have been through the toughest times. These are the same people who keep my head strong mind, humble. The ones who call me out on my shit but tell me when I should believe in myself more.

Life would be nothing without every single one of these friends I’ve come to call family; that all have a little piece of my heart, wherever they are.

I have found my circle, my squad, this tribe of people that I will continue living my life with and could not do it without.

8 DAYS till I get to see my handsome hehe.



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