Lucky One

“How long they choose to love you will never be your decision” – Drake.

Yeah. So I read that and decided to post it.

How much more true could words get? I know first hand how that feels, in one of the worst ways to find out, and it’s a hard thing to accept. I always thought when you love someone, they’ll love you the same amount for the same length of time you will. In most cases, that amount and length of time is forever. I mean who wishes to love someone and have them love you back for only x number of days or months? I know, I know, some people don’t commit in all their relationships but call me a hopeless romantic then. I think when someone decides that they truly love someone; that this person is someone that they can’t imagine life without and can’t remember what it was like before, then they wouldn’t anticipate when that just ends. It’s hard to understand that when you’ve fallen in love with someone that their love might not be the same kind of love as yours. The ones who get lucky, do have the same kind of love, and you see it after they’ve spent their lives together and still have that sparkle in their eye when they look at each other.

I know that falling in love is… a complicated thing because not everyone you meet, you’ll fall in love with – at least I hope so! But you know that clichè, “when you know, you just know”? I remember watching an interview, from I think it was JT, and he was asked if he’s ever fallen in love. He hesitated and said that he hasn’t because if someone asked him that question and he has fallen in love, he would have known and answered without a second thought. I’ve always remembered that because I wanted to know when I’ve fallen in love.

If someone asked me that now, I would say yes. Have I ever fallen in love? Yes, I have. Now, that can apply to past relationships or present and I think that’s something that everyone can keep for themselves. I know the heartache that comes with falling in love and I know what it feels like to be in love. Not everyone will have that moment where they know that they’ve found someone that they can love but I think when they do, they should be able to keep their love without needing to share it.

I like to share things; yes, I do share plenty on social media – but I’ve gotten better at it! I’ve noticed that when I love someone, it’s some kind of special when they’re the only one you really show or tell it to. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed but – at least for my boyfriend now especially – keeping something this important private is okay.

So, I’ll never know how long someone will love me but right now, I know I’m a lucky one.




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