2016 Part Deux

The first week of the New Year is almost over! I was telling a coworker yesterday that it feels like it should be later in the month already. She then tells me that when it’s almost February, I’ll ask her where the time has gone haha.

Anyways, I’ve been all over the place since the year started – I’m aware that was 5 days ago – because I had the best holidays I’ve ever had – yet – and I haven’t been able to settle down. I will admit that I haven’t had any time for myself since the holidays, which is making me very anxious since I really have come to love my alone time in my apartment. It’s coming to the point of, “I need just quiet, holy crap.” But 2016 has yet to really slow down for me. I got what I asked for.

The down time will come about when I’m on the edge of burning out; I know that isn’t the healthiest habit but there are so many things that I’m so genuinely excited about that I don’t want to slow down. 

Work has been nothing but amazing since I came back. I mean even when I was on vacation, I really wasn’t since I kept – my work parents – constantly updated and I would still be “working” on things that I needed to make sure my boss was kept on top of. Coming into work, I was immediately reassured that my job is one only I can do best. This work family I have gained is one that I’m not looking to replace for a very long time. 

And just being back in Edmonton has been the biggest relief off my chest. I missed Home. I did realize over the holidays that – a very cheesy realization – Home has become a definition very close to my heart and because of that, I felt a wave of comfort that I can finally see myself keeping my feet in one place, wherever that may be.

Now the lists of lists on lists! I have placed goals and places and oh the places! That right now are floating around in my head; which is why I have been getting the shakes really easily as of late… because I’m so excited and I can’t seem to focus on one great thing because there are so many.

I have been through a lot in the past year and I have been so, so lucky that I haven’t needed to have gone through them alone. I will forever be in debt to the people in my life for simply being my forever humans and how they have constantly been the strength that I needed when I lost mine.

I survived 25! That counts as my quarter-life crisis right? Wait… that’s 4 more years until I turn 30…. **trying to breathe**

Happy New Year (because I haven’t officially said it yet)!

Cheers, kids.




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