Outside In

Okay, okay, Mercury, I get it! YOU’RE IN GODDAMN RETROGRADE. WHY THOUGH. You have taken up my entire month of January, Mercury – January 5 all the way to the 25th – really. 2016 started and you went with it.

For those of you unaware of this awful time that comes 3 more times this year, I’ll give you the basics – be sure to mark this down in your calendars! I was one of those who didn’t care but it’s real.

So if you have knowledge of words, it’s what it sounds like – Mercury has a 3-week vacation appearing to be moving in a backwards motion – causing the rest of us to suffer. This will happen again April 28 – May 22, August 30 – September 22, and last but definitely not any less excruciating is December 19 – 31 (okay, wait if this happens every year, for the record these weeks in 2015 were some of the best weeks of my life soo..). Why this happens? I don’t know. Maybe, maaaaybe, it’s because I’m older and #adulting is a difficult transition and I’m just attributing challenges to this time. But am I? NAH.

It might also be because this time happens to land on a crucial month at work and by default that makes this month crucial for me as well. Sure. Or it could be that because of Mercury being in godfcking retrograde, I don’t want to do anything with life right now. Thaaaat’s it.

Well, whatever this time is doing to me or if it’s just 2016 is starting off with a bang because I’ve said one too many times – out loud to the damn universe and it heard me – that I’m bored. I’m not anymore, enough with the lemons!


Cheers, to Wednesday little ones.




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