No Definition

So I’m reading this post that was linked through my Godsister’s blog ( – she’s pretty famous) – 40 Signs Your Best Friends Are Basically Your Family – and I’m all cheesed out because I keep agreeing to everything. I love reading those lists and knowing that I have these amazing people in my life that I get to think about when I read it.

Then I started thinking more cheesy thoughts. It’s the best when you have people in your life like the ones that apply to this list but you know what’s even better? When you have people in your life that you get to live these things with and not even have to think twice about knowing they have become your family. These are the people that inspire someone to make that list for us to read. These are the very people that those thoughts come so easily about because they’re more than things on a list – they’re the very things that you do with and for them, just like they do for you.

My family are these people. I do have my bio family, like most people do, but when I refer to my family these are the ones that I imagine, the ones that make me feel the truest form of the word.

I don’t have a straight definition of what family is because the ones that are a part of mine redefine it.

40. You can’t live without them.



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