My Bros

I was reading something this morning – leave it to my awful memory as of late to forget what it was – about forgetting to thank your best guy friends for all the things they do too. There are all these articles about your squad, which usually involve women and their girlfriends and a lot of the time articles that are written about the gentlemen are usually dating related or something about sports.

So here is mine.

To the guys who I have gladly been given to call my best friends. You lot are all very far away from me but despite the distance and time differences (!), a phone call or text away has always rung true. If it isn’t work, relationships, or my daily anxiety about yet another quarter-life crisis – no matter what it may be, you guys always, always know how to bring me back down. 

Sometimes it gets hard because I don’t know how to say things or how to tell you guys but that never matters because you guys already just know. Sometimes, there’s this thing called the truth and how you guys can be brutally honest but it always comes from the right place because you all know that I needed it more than I wanted to admit. 

Thank you for being the brothers that I never had. The awkward moments in our lives where romance was never a thing… Thanks for letting me hustle your friends into thinking I “suck” at “guy things” and conquering SO HARD after. For telling you all about my daily life (like my current diet and exercise trend…) and how boys suck when my relationship gets hard. Thanks for being the radar with the men (oy boys) when I don’t want to trust anyone else and telling me the truth (as you meet them). I met you all and became best friends all at different parts of my life and now I can’t imagine what it was like when you guys weren’t in it. 

Love you guys – Belle.



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