Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my 26th birthday.

I told myself when I was reaching my 20s that I’d turn two more ages. 21 because I’d finally be legal everywhere (Vegas was a goooood time) and 25 because well I thought it was a good age to stop.

I don’t know when I stopped “caring” about my birthday but I really don’t need much for it to be celebrated.

Regular work day – but thank you to everyone at work for being the coolest bunch of people (as per usual) for all the birthday things (and biggest hugs). Then went out with some good company. And ended the day off with the best birthday phone call (He’ll hate that I put this out there but who wouldn’t love their SO singing “happy birthday” – as genuinely as they could – right when they pick up?) that I know he was more excited about my birthday than I was. For the record, I am also blaming this little nugget for changing my mind about how many more birthdays I want **

I don’t know if it’s growing older or if it’s who I am but I don’t need gifts or big events or any of those things if I don’t get to spend any of it without all the ones I love. It wouldn’t be a birthday.


There’s my birthday wish from the moment I can’t remember changing until the length of time I get to stick around.. I will always want to spend it with everyone who means the world to me.

Hope everyone is having a great hump day. 





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