Right Where I Need to Be

Last night I was frantically trying to figure out what to pack as I realized I REALLY needed to start packing (and snapping my “mama bear” from my old job wasn’t helping because she just kept telling me she loved everything and to bring it) – I always do this to myself; why Belle, why?! – and I had to take a break.

If I’m left alone with my thoughts for an extended amount of time, it can go places.

I thought about the past three years I went through in my past relationship. I started thinking about all the people I was so fortunate enough to meet (Hi, NACS team! Love you guys! Hi, Cratex!!). I couldn’t stop smiling when my SO came to mind. I thought about my plans to move to Edmonton and the reason why I kept pushing it back and surprisingly enough, the reason why I finally made the move was because my boss wouldn’t let me not take the opportunity for myself. I thought about how my stubborn inability to ask for help made me grow up and make it out entirely on my own for the first time in my life. I had the warmest feeling when I remembered the first few times I asked for help and they made me feel like it was their honor to finally help me.

Then of course, I started thinking about where I am. The job that I’m in, the relationship that has broken my walls down, this city.. the people in my life that I’ve decided to ask to stay and the ones who said yes.

I have a couple decisions to make before 2016 ends but right now, I could not be anywhere else. All the things that got me here and the all the things that will get me to where I need to be in my future will be all the right things for me. That was extremely difficult for me to come by… and accept (I still have a hard time sometimes) but it is so bloody good to know.

Off to my extended weekend after work today!!!!


Have a great weekend everyone.




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