Less than 3 months back, I wrote a post about a decision that would be keeping me up at night for the next couple months. Then.. like it always does.. I decided to do it. And sure, I’ve had days and nights where I can’t sleep again because my mind wanders and doesn’t know where it wants to land but I always get back to where I want and my mind was made up.


I learned news today that made me cry and that very thing makes me uncomfortable – who I cried in front of, threw me off for a loop. Aside from that, I have talks of plans that have me… looking at my future and saying “HOLY SHIT! Holy. Shit.”

I had a 5 year plan. And I was so, so,, sore about it not happening. Because that’s who I am as a person sometimes. Then this. All of this in less than year. And him.

Everything’s going up for me but.. But.

This is Wednesday, kids.





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