So it might be because it’s the time of month where my hormones make me normal, where I can feel emotion, or it’s really just because this little bug is someone who I need to thank today more than I usually do.

I’ve known you for… 20+ years now? Yeah. Wow. I mean, I was the lucky one that you chose to make me family. I think since elementary, you and I would be the closest. I always needed to make sure you were okay and that I made sure I was always down for whatever, when it came to you. If I couldn’t, you knew; there was no drama with us. You always made sure I wasn’t settling or being treated less than I deserved. We looked out for each other. We had a couple years where we had our own crowds but like the rest of our squad, it’s like no time or distance was ever there. 

I could write on and on about the shit we’ve gone through together. I could go on and on… and on… about all the amazing things we’ve experienced, too. But that would get so boring for everyone else haha. 

I just needed to say that you are the sister I didn’t know I wished for. Thanks for always, always being there even when we weren’t in the same place and I decided that I’d follow you haha. You’re one of the few people I know I’ll have in my life forever. One of my truest “forever humans.” Love you, boo! I’m here when you (the rare time because you’re the stronger one from us haha) need me.

*She knows what she did today.



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