These Days

Today was a day where I had no idea that the time flew by. It was a day where I had a lot of things to think about that was sort of dumped on me. By the time the day was “over” for me, I couldn’t get home faster.

Today was a day where this peace and quiet of the wind through my windows and the sounds of the city beneath me is all I can take right now.

My boss and I have a very unique working relationship. We’ve both come to learn that we have this uncanny ability to just understand one another despite the length of time that we’ve worked together. Now he’s leaving our company and it was hard news to take.

So today, under some nice “down time,” he decided to take it as a “let’s chat.” Whenever this happens, we’ve tended to get into pretty deep topics and he and I get on this page where we’re so confused to how this understanding and connection is between us but it’s oddly comforting. Questions and discussions and more questions were had and he decided to share a little piece of knowledge that he “just remembered.”

There was a pig and a chicken on a farm. The chicken goes up to the pig and decides to propose an idea. 

The chicken asks if the pig would like to open a restaurant. “Sure!” the pig replies.
“What should we serve?” asks the pig.
“How about ham and eggs?” says the chicken.
The pig thought about it some more and decided to decline. The chicken then asks why.

“Well you’re only involved. And I’m committed.”

There are other versions of this story, I’m sure, but the morale of the story is that the reason why the pig decides against it is because he has to sacrifice himself, his life, for this restaurant. Whereas the chicken simply has to lay some eggs; she’s only involved in the process.

He decided to ask me this because we got into a topic that has been weighing on me for months now and he told me that he’s noticed something about my daily demeanour that made him want to make sure that I was doing okay. As always, I appreciated the talk but again always leaves me wondering and thinking. And honestly, when I’m thinking, most of the time it doesn’t let me focus on anything else and my mind just runs with it. Circles that could wrap around the earth a lot.

Here I am writing this post and needing to understand where I am again and where I want to go. I’ve made the jump. I’m the pig. This is my commitment. I know I’m strong enough for another one… I … I’m just having… I don’t know when or where that push is going to come for me where I’m just going to do it like any other time where I’ve decided on something and feet first I went.

Oh. Boy.



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